RFT Supplier Agreement

  1. Suppliers shall permit RFT and/or it's Associates to enter suppliers facility upon 24 hrs. notice. Except for emergencies where no notice will be given to inspect and /or audit facilities, QMS, Records, Goods, Inventories, Machinery, and Equipment or other processes used to manufactuere RFT Product.
  2. Suppliers shall notify RFT of all changes in process that impact the Form, Fit, Function, Quality, Reliability or Status of Material.
  3. Suppliers shall provide tracebility where appropriate by either Lot or Date Code or where appropriate Serial Number for purpose of tracking any suspect shipment containing problems.
  4. Suppliers shall notify RFT within 24 hrs. if they find evidience of non-conforming product.
  5. Suppliers shall fumish a Certicate of Analysis on all Chemicals and Powders.
  6. Material Certs must be shipped with all Test Specimens.
  7. Reilly Finishing will not except product without 75% shelf life remaining.
  8. Supplier Flow Down Requirement. 15 Year Record Retention for Products Supplied.
  9. All Requirements of this Purchase Order must be Flowed Down to All Supplier's in the Supply Chain.
  10. All measuring devices purchased must be routed to Quality first for calibration tracking.


• Suppliers shall permit RFT and its customers right of access to Quality Documentation and facility areas used to manufacture RFT product.
• Suppliers shall notify RFT of all changes in process that impact Form, Fit, Function, Quality, Reliability or Status of material.
• Suppliers shall provide traceability where appropriate by either Lot, Date Code, or appropriate Serial Number for purpose of tracking of suspect material.
• Supplier shall notifiy RFT within 24 hours of any non-conforming product.
• Suppliers shall furnish a Certificate of Analysis and Material Safety Data sheets on all Chemicals and Powders.
• Material Certificates shall be provided for all Testing Specimens.
• RFT will not accept product without 75% of its shelf life remaining.
• RFT requires 15 Year Record Retention of supplied products.
• Supplier shall ensure personnel performing processing of product have been trained according to specification and internal quality management system requirements.
• Supplier shall package product adequately to guard against shipping and handling damage.
• Conflict Minerals - In addition to all other warranties provided under this purchase order, Seller warrants that materials delivered hereunder are free form Gold, Tungsten,
(Wolframite), Tantalum (Columbit Tantalite) or Tin (Cassiterite), hereafter referred to as "Conflict Minerals", that have originated in Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Angola, Burundi, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda or Zambia, hereafter referred to as "DRC". For purposes of the Clause, Conflict Minerals purchased from scrap or recycled source are considered to have originated from the DRC. Seller is required to review all materials and components which are necessary for the functionality or production of the materials being sold under this Purchase Order and disclose annually whether any of the conflict minerals are present, and if so, those that originated in the DRC, and to provide a chain of custody if the conflict minerals do originate from the DRC. The seller shall determine the country of origin (where the materials were originally mined and processed) or whether the minerals originated from scrap of recycled sources. Seller must provide the following prior to shipment of the items upon request .of Buyer:
(1) Country or origin inquiry (17 CFR 250 and 249B) documentation certifying that items are free from conflict minerals that have originated in the DRC.
(2) Traceability information on raw material sub-tier suppliers.

(3) To the extent of audit has been preformed, results from any independent private ector audit; certifying that such an audit was obtained, including the audit report as part of the Country of origin inquiry and identifying the auditor.

Any materials for which the above requirements are not met shall be considered defective under this purchase order and may be rejected by buyer or returned. Seller shall be liable to buyer for any damages, costs, penalties, judgments, or fine against buyer to the extent caused by seller's failure to meet all requirements of this clause and, at buyer's election, seller may also be required to deliver suitable replacement materials at seller's cost.
Seller shall include the substance of this clause in all of its sub-tier contracts with it's suppliers providing components in support of this purchase order.

Anti-Trafficking Violations:

Seller represents and warrants that is and its officers, employees, agents and representatives will comply with all laws and regulations prohibiting trafficking in persons and/or the use of forced labor, and further that, seller will, if this purchase order is in support of a U.S. Government program, comply with the following FAR and
DF ARS clauses associated with combating trafficking in persons including, but not limited to: FAR 52.222-50, FAR 52.244-6, DF ARS 252.203-7004, DF ARS 252-222-7007, and DFARS 252.225-7040. Seller hereby agrees to defend and indemnify buyer from and against any liability that the buyer may incur as a result of violation of any relevant law or regulation.
If applicable, seller acknowledges it is aware of and in full compliance with California's transpare.ncy in supply chains act (Cal. Civ 1714.43), and will continue to be in compliance throughout the duration of this purchase order. If seller does any business in the state of California,. whether under this purchase order or otherwise seller shall assume this Act applies.

Counterfeit Goods - In addition to all other warranties provided under this purchase order, seller warrants that the materials delivered hereunder are new and not refurbished or used, are being supplied by the original equipment manufacture (OEM). Or its expressly authorized agent or distributor, and that seller has documented traceability of the materials or components to the OEM. Seller must have a counterfeit avoidance program in conformance with AS5553. Seller must replace any materials that are not genuine, new and unused items and any counterfeit items will not be returned to the seller which is a requirement of counterfeit parts DF ARS provisions. Seller must provide the following with shipment of items upon request of buyer:

(1) Certificate of Conformance (CofC), certifying the items are genuine and meet all Purchase Order and original manufacturer requirements.
(2) Traceability information to original manufacturer.
(3) Results from any additional inspections, tests, and examinations as required by this purchase order.

Any materials for which the above requirements are not met shall be considered defective under this purchase order and may be rejected by Buyer or returned. Seller shall not return any counterfeit materials to the supply chain and shall insure these materials are stored for inspection. Counterfeit parts received by the seller must be reported to purchasing immediately.

Identify and eliminate (FOD) foreign object debris from any products prior to shipment.

All supplying companies and all purchase orders  will ensure that employees and people working on its behalf are competent and trained in accordance with the requirements of AS9100D.  Ensuring that persons are aware of:

- their contribution to product of service conformity
- their contribution to product safety;
- the important of ethical behavior






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